Jul 29, 2017 12:43AM Edit

Hotfix Edit

We've been listening to your feedback and are addressing all unintended side affects. Keep providing constructive feedback and letting us know the little (and big) bugs you find. Happy Realming!

Respec Edit

After some feedback, we've decided to extend the Respec Weekend prices (1 copper/respec) until August 7th at midnight, which should be enough time for everyone to try out a few builds here and there. That means you all have 5 "free" respecs to try out before then. After the 7th, we will continue with the price increase and begin to add more to the Copper Store. Keep an eye on here to find out what we have in store for you soon.

Fixes Edit

- Infinite myst is no longer possible

- Fear can no longer be stacked with other CC spells 

- Updated weights on all (known) items that were missed 

- Re-balanced many NPCs that were dealing too much melee damage 

- Re-balanced maze NPCs in general to do less damage given the myst mechanics changes 

- NPCs will no longer receive negative damage (and be healed for it)

Changes Edit

- Base myst CC rounds changed from 2 to 6 for 189 SDM

- Max SR is now 400 

- Combat log now shows what myst spell has been shrugged 

- Increased drop rate in many existing dungeons 

- Increase NMH to +100% necro SDM 

- The Nightblade Jerkin is now a Shirt instead of a Tunic to allow Female and Male characters to both wear it 

- Some new Level 1 starter weapons have been added to the game. Where are they? That's up to you to find out!

Jul 27, 2017 8:04PM Edit

This is it! The big one!

The combat changes everyone has been trying out on the Test Server are going in tonight! The staff understand this is a big change, but we think it's a pretty damn awesome one, and we think you will too. We appreciate the players who have been helping us out by providing feedback and working with us- we couldn't have done it without you! See below to see what we have in store for you this update. 

Bug Bounty Edit

To start off our update, we have a new bug bounty program! Players that find server bugs and report them to us, and or help us troubleshoot/fix them, will be eligible to receive a new vanity "Buggy Baldric" for their efforts. First one to be given out with this update. Please don't use the production server to test out bugs - if you have a bug, please let a staff member know and we'll get a fix in. Thanks to all who have been helping out thus far!

Core Gameplay Changes Edit

  • Spell Criticals are now part of the game. Your spell critical hit rate is based off of your intelligence 
  • Cast resist has been removed from the game. It has been replaced with spell resistance. This means that every spell will land although the damage or effect may be reduced OR increased based on the target's spell resistance value. 
  • Myst Shrugging is back! Shrugging chance is based off of Intelligence / Dexterity for some spells and Strength / Endurance for others. 
  • Myst Resist is gone, rip in peace 
  • Armor rating is now averaged across all armor pieces providing a more predictable amount of damage mitigation 
  • Armor weights have been normalized across the game for balance reasons, the equation is 1 stone per 5 AR 
  • Melee critical hit is now based off of dexterity and intelligence to provide more diverse melee build options 
  • Weapon damage has been tweaked on existing valuable weapons to be in line with our new balance formula 
  • Blood Sledge has received a balance pass and now gives + 50% Necro SDM, +1 Attack and + 1 Strength 
  • All valuable weapons have had their weights balanced at a rate of 1 stone per 5 damage 

Miscellaneous Changes Edit

  • Some of the loot in the vault has been cycled out and replaced with new collectibles 
  • NPCs will no longer cast Rust or Incinerate 
  • The Nightmare Helmet Necro SDM boost has been reduced to 25%
  • Drop rates across many dungeons have been increased in response to the latest data analytics 
  • The memorial has been updated again! 

Temporarily Reduced Respec Price Edit

The staff understands these changes are large in nature and, as such, we have temporarily reduced the cost of respecs to 1 copper each and have granted all game accounts five coppers.

The respec price will remain at 1 copper for the weekend and will return to it's normal 250 on Monday.  More information about coppers and respecs can be found here

Jul 19, 2017 9:26PM Edit

MistWalkers Server Version 1.60 (7/19/2017) 

  1. Updated %chance to shrug 
  2. Added floating text over opponents head to show when under CC.
  3. Myst spells Confusion, Hold, Stun, and Fear are no longer stackable. 
  4. Updated spell feedback messages to help players with target state.

Jul 15, 2017 10:52PM Edit

  1. Reduced the chance that a caster's target will get the initial shrug.
  2. Broke shrugging down into specific categories, to balance out the system the spells and their respective "Mass" counter parts are listed below. 
    1. Fear, Confusion, Mind Shackle now have a greater chance to be shrugged based on ones Dexterity and Intelligence. 
    2. Stun, Berserk, Hold now have a greater chance to be shrugged based on ones Strength and Endurance. 
  3. Changed 'X shrugs off the spell.' text to display in red so users can easily pick it out of the combat log. 
  4. Slightly increased the chance to get a spell critical.

Jul 11, 2017 7:27PM Edit

Firstly let me thank you all on behalf of the staff; your feedback is certainly going to keep making us move the needle on this project. Anytime I feel like "Hey, we've just about got this whipped" you guys come up with problems, solutions, and ideas... For many of us this is the culmination of a 20 year dream to be able to influence the direction of the game, and modify the mechanics based on what we think it should be doing.

Let's get down to the changes in this build: 

  1. You all shared your concerns with spells critical striking too much, we agreed and so spells chance to critical strike has been reduced. The chance should be ~15% for most high SDM casters.
  2. Many of you let us know that you were concerned with "Myst Locking" -- this is the ability for NPCs or players to indefinitely cast mysticism spells on a player keeping them from ever being able to perform any actions. Well we have answered this -- there is now a "Shrugging" system implemented to help keep this from happening. The system is really 3 parts: Spell Hit Chance, Spell Duration, and Spell Shrugging. The initial chance for the spell to stick is relative to your intelligence and endurance vs. your targets respective stats. Spell duration will still be based on your SDM; though it is now variable based on chance of the actual duration (no more static cast rounds). The shrugging system depends on how many rounds you are "mysted" for, the longer you are under a spells affect -- the better chance you have of breaking it's affects. Your characters intelligence and endurance are used to calculate your base "shrug" percentages.
  3. Some boring house keeping stuff; just removed some defunct code from the server and refactored some code to be more efficient.

Jul 09, 2017 11:06PM Edit

Changes (Hotfix) 

  • Rebalanced encounters in The Foundry in response to player feedback. Please post more feedback on our Forums. 
  • Small renovations to the interior of The Gambler's Den

Jul 09, 2017 2:28PM Edit

Today we are starting our initial stages of the Magic system changes. In the current build you will find the following: 

  1. There is no longer "Magic Resist" as it existed before. It is now "Magic Armor". For example: If target is 100% Myst Resist and you have a base 4 round stun, when you cast stun on the target they will only be stunned for 3 rounds. It is a 25% negation per 100 Resist at this time. Also similar to Melee armor your "Magic Resist (Armor)" also is the percent chance that you will negate the incoming damage / duration of a spell. 
  2. Spells now have the chance to have a critical strike against your opponent. It's a bit random similar to the melee critical striking system -- it takes into account your targets SDM relative to your own, as well as your skill and a bit of luck. :) 
  3. There is no longer cast resist. 
  4. We have started updating the weights for items, you will begin to notice on the test server that weights will be increasing to advance in the direction that we *think* we need to be heading. 
  5. The server build version will now show on the bottom right hand side of your screen when you log into the world where you typically see "Xx Users are Online". This is to help us keep track of our versioning.

Jul 07, 2017 7:55PM Edit

New Content 

  • Rumor has it Dwarves have returned to the Realm and were last seen headed towards The Foundry, led by a mysterious Ringleader. 
  • Virulent, after inspecting the Wen Chapel, has somehow acquired the rights to the property from the Wen City Council and has replaced the Chapel with a Gambler's Den. 
  • Inside the Gambler's Den, there is a new dungeon called The Vault. This dungeon is a room filled with locked chests. Each chest must be unlocked with Duach's Iron Key, which "Scrooge, The Collector" sells. 
  • Every chest has the chance of containing unique items including dyes, house decorations, and rare jewelry. 
  • In addition to buying Duach's Iron Key from Scrooge, the keys may also rarely drop from some of the dungeon loot tables that have been created already.


  • The Foundry loot table has been updated and loot rates have been increased 
  • The empowered skeletons in Naktos have finally worn out their running shoes 
  • The Maze has a loot table with a few unique drops

Jul 04, 2017 10:31PM Edit

Updated melee combat code to introduce a new factor into critical strike damage. Your strength is now a multiplier that is appended to the damage you do during a critical strike. This should help the high strength and low dex / int players to capitalize on their strength in the less frequent chance that they do land a critical strike.

Server version will now display on the bottom right of the game when players log into the world.

What to expect soon: 

  1. All armor weights will be re-adjusted, it will be 1 stone per 5 points of AR. The difference between each armor type will be the durability, iron being the least durable and admantium being the most durable. 
  2. All weapons weights will be re-adjusted, it will be 1 stone per 3 points of damage on the high end of a weapon.
  3. Endurance will be removed as a modifier for Long Swords. (Sorry this just didn't work out) 
  4. Endurance will take a secondary role likely as a modifier to either movement rate or number of swings; this is currently being tested in the closed testing environment.

Jun 30, 2017 7:33PM Edit

This current Phase of the melee damage testing has incorporated several changes.

  1. Armor counted as only a percent chance for armor to be hit, and only the armor value for that particular piece hit was used in damage negation. Now the AR rating will count as the percent chance for armor to be hit as well as the average of the armor to negate the damage.
  2. Damage is now randomly dealt to every armor piece instead of 40% of damage going to chest piece.
  3. Dexterity is the modifier while wielding a dagger, throwing dagger, and claw. (same as before)
  4. Intelligence is the modifier while wielding a short sword. (same as before)
  5. Endurance is the modifier while wielding a long sword. (new)
  6. Strength is the modifier for all other weapons (two handed).
  7. Intelligence now adds an additional chance to deal a critical strike.
  8. NPCs / PCs will receive damage dealt to them differently than before; without going into too much detail if you have low dexterity and intelligence you may suffer from receiving critical strikes more.


  1. Weight of all weapons will be lowered to allow warriors to carry different situational weapons, as well allowing all characters to be melee if that is the player's preference understanding the modifiers iterated above.
  2. Robes, Skirts, and Shields will be factored into the AR.
  3. Shields will be added as one of the armor pieces to be hit

Jun 26, 2017 9:00PM Edit

Changes (HOTFIX)  ----------------------------------------------  - The sarcophagus in the salt mine has been re-positioned to be less salty  - Drop rates across all dungeon loot tables has been increased  - Memorial has been updated again

Jun 23, 2017 7:51PM Edit

Bug Fixes:  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  - Fixed throwing dagger path finding  - Summoned monsters should now do normal melee damage  - Naktos will no longer equip the Blood Sledge maul  - When melee attack hits armor for normal damage it now reports to the chat window  - When the shift affect decays it now reports to the chat window  - Earth Quake no longer does double damage when resisted, instead does half damage.

Changes  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  - Soldiers now have retention and 60% MR  - Amulet of Memory removed from loot tables (currently defunct item)  - The first fight in Naktos will give less experience now  - The Memorial has been updated yet again, please visit and pay your respects  - Thief loot has been brought back to reality  - Maze Monsters no longer deal Experience damage  - Despothes with the aid of Enid and Elphame have foiled a plot by Duach to strengthen yet another evil creature. Their efforts had an unintended side effect and a new cave has appeared in the desert to the east. Some creatures from the Maze have escaped and are now hiding there! Gather your forces and hunt them down.  Rumors abound that they are hiding something special there!  - Wrath of Gods spell damage has been rebalanced (read: nerfed)  - Naktos Morgue enemies are back to evil alignment


Jun 18, 2017 2:02PM Edit

General  --------------------------------------------------  - The Memorial has been updated  --------------------------------------------------  Balance  --------------------------------------------------  - Naktos has received a balance pass. It should be easier for lower levels (target range 100-200), although you may find that existing spells may not be as effective as before…  - You may still want to bring that AoDMP with you!  - Drop rates on certain items have been revisited  - Sell prices for Adm and Obs items have been balanced with other sell prices 

Jun 18, 2017 12:19AM Edit

---------------------------------------------------------  Armor Ratings Changes!  ---------------------------------------------------------  Armor ratings have been adjusted on items to provide more incentive for wearing things other than Mythril:

- Iron/Steel/Tempered Steel/Mythril now have an armor rating of 70  - Obsidianite has an armor rating of 80  - Admantium has an armor rating of 85

The only exception to this are cowls, where Iron->Mythril continue to have an armor rating of 50  ---------------------------------------------------------  Lore Updates  ---------------------------------------------------------  - The citizens of the Realm have been socializing and have some fairly interesting things to say…  - Rumor has it something strange is happening at Naktos' Morgue  - Thieves are tired of people looting their home without so much as a single fight  - The Wasps at Lesser Hive feel the same way  ---------------------------------------------------------  Loot Updates  ---------------------------------------------------------  - An additional balance pass over loot tables has gone over existing dungeons.  - Many dungeons now have a rare chance to drop an exclusive dye unique to that dungeon  - All creatures inside of dungeons now have a rare chance to drop the unique items designated for that dungeon  - Additional dungeons were changed with unique drops. What drops? That's up to you to find out!

Jun 12, 2017 9:38PM Edit

--------------------------------------------------------------------  General  --------------------------------------------------------------------  * Soldier's are tired of being fumbled and are now more resistant to Myst  * Assassin's Shiv is now level req 1001 (from Soldiers only)  * Thief's Blade is now a dagger. It now has a range of 2 and gives +dex in addition to existing affects.  * Tourney Grove is back!  * Minotaur spawn rate has been decreased  * Guardians once again patrol the area surrounding EL  * The Thief Armory has been restocked with weapons and Thieves have been re-armed as a result

--------------------------------------------------------------------  Loot Changes  --------------------------------------------------------------------  * Dungeon Monsters were feeling lonely so they decided to take many of the top tier items from the open world. Rumor has it they have hidden these items deep in their lairs  * Many high end items have been redistributed to be exclusively in high level dungeons. Which dungeons have which items? That's up to you to find out!  * Maul of the Mists drop rate increased  * Glowies are back on the drop table!

Jun 10, 2017 8:27PM Edit

- Fixed a server crash  - The Drop Rate for Maul of the Mists has been adjusted - You can still find it in most low level dungeons  - The Wrath is back to level 200 minimum required  - Uruz and Tiwaz have been lowered to level 200 req

Jun 09, 2017 10:50PM Edit

LIVE RELEASE  Events and Updates:  This is our LIVE launch!  Implementers/mods will not be providing levels, items, gold, skills or other favors to player accounts.

Complete server wipe today! (2017-06-09)  No levels, skills, gold or items will be given out.  General Game Updates:  Sell prices have been has been adjusted to help combat inflation.  Experience will remain capped at 20k.  Aegiscians have had their level range adjusted to encourage more diversity in hunting areas.  Some NPC dialogs have been "altered"- might want to take a look  Guardians once again follow the will of Lady Polgaras and protect the Ratling Run and Havenwood areas.  Class Changes:  Thieves now start with 2 skill points in throwing instead of short swords.  Thieves also now start with a throwing dagger instead of a short sword.  Wizards now start with 1 skill point in short swords and 0 in daggers.  Weapons and Armor Changes:  Magic Mace has been removed from the game  A new weapon, Maul of the Mists, has been added to the game. This weapon has no level requirement and can be found in most low level dungeons.  Throwing daggers should be a bit more resilient to wear and tear  Executioner's Axe weight has been reduced to 100 stones and it has been given + 1 Attack  Newbie shields are now appropriately leveled  Misc Changes:  Adjusted the Implementer community relations interface.  Additional optimizations to the server.

Jun 02, 2017 2:55PM Edit

Every Friday evening by midnight EST we will be providing you all with updates through this website. Bookmark this page, and please check it often for any changes. 

Events and Updates:  *Complete server wipe today! (2017-06-02)  *Another full wipe will occur NEXT Friday (2017-06-09)  *No levels, skills, gold or items will be given out.  *New web forums! Check em out:  *Mistwalker Marathon - First level 1000 or highest level of each class wins a Mistwalkers Baldric!  *Information under the Announcements text channel in discord!  Rules below  *Massive amount of updates to the server, listed below. 

Mistwalker Marathon 2.0  Players will be set loose on a completely wiped server with nothing but starter gear on an adventure to max level. The first person to achieve level 1000 for each class will receive the coveted Mistwalkers Baldric; a unique item that is only obtainable during these pre-launch events. The baldrics will be handed out individually 1 per person. You will not be able to win multiple baldrics if you use two different classes on your quest to level 1000. Moderators and in game staff are ineligible to compete in this contest. Please remember no botting, macroing, duping. These are bannable offenses and will be heavily enforced moving forward. We will have the experience bonus enabled at 2x for this event. Good luck out there! Plugging will result in a DQ from the contest. 

Server Updates Include:  *The game world will be returning to normal.  *Implementers will not be providing levels, items, gold, skills to player accounts.  *Cost of shop items will return to their normal prices.  *Experience will be capped at 30k.  *Added player death, wealth, and experience metrics.  *Back-end server stability enhancements.  *Player Saves are in effect.  *Modified Path Finding to remove the method from NPCs.  Fixed combat cloud bug  *Modified Maze drop rate to be slightly less.  *Modified Soldiers drop rate to be slightly less.  *Soldiers in AD now have Mysticism resistance and new found melee power 

Spell Changes Include:  *Elemental SDM has been modified.  *Modified Summoned NPC minimum/maximum melee damage.  *Modified summon group NPC maximum HP adjustments.  *Individual spell damage has been modified. 

Weapons and Armor Changes Include:  *“Assassin’s Shiv” renamed “Assassin’s Shank”  *Changed default colors for Enid, Despothe, and Duach Armor sets.  Fixed continuity bugs with item description  *Warrior’s Revolt now casts greater shield when the proc is triggered.  *Enchanted Items work as intended. (MDM Change)  *Warrior class should see a slight increase in melee power with clean and enchanted weapons now.  *Amulet of Choking and all SDM Boosting Amulets have been removed from the loot table.  *New items might be in the game- happy hunting!

Jun 01, 2017 10:51PM Edit

There is a new website forum available under Game Information -> Forums, or by visiting this link

Please use this forum to report any bugs or to provide game feedback in order to help our staff.

May 26, 2017 5:56PM Edit

Mistwalker's Weekly Update

[May 25th, 2017] 

Every Thursday evening by midnight EST we will be providing you all with updates through this website. Bookmark this page, and please check it often for any changes. 

In the future, we will strive to give you at least 48-hour notice to any big changes! 

Events and Updates:  * Complete server wipe this Friday!  * Another full wipe will occur NEXT Friday (2017-06-02)  * No levels, skills, gold or items will be given out.  * Mistwalker Marathon - First level 1000 of each class wins a Mistwalkers Baldric!  * Information under the Announcements text channel in discord!  * See Rules below  * Massive server updates and changes included below.  * Some items may not be listed. /wink Happy hunting! 

Mistwalker Marathon  Players will be set loose on a completely wiped server with nothing but starter gear on an adventure to max level. The first person to achieve level 1000 for each class will receive the coveted Mistwalkers Baldric; a unique item that is only obtainable during these pre-launch events. The baldrics will be handed out individually - 1 per person. You will not be able to win multiple baldrics if you use two different classes on your quest to level 1000. Moderators and in game staff are ineligible to compete in this contest. We will run the same contest next week. Please remember no botting, macroing or duping. These are bannable offenses and will be heavily enforced moving forward. Good luck out there! 

Server Updates Include:  * The game will be returning to normal.  * Implementers will no longer be giving levels, items, gold, skills to player accounts.  * Judas (Super Vendor) has packed up his things and gone home.  * Cost of shop items will return to their normal prices.  * Experience will remain uncapped for now.  * Various server stability improvements .

Combat changes:  * When using a throwing dagger your pathing will now favor moving you away from the target.

Spell Changes Include:  * Global SDM has been modified.  * Individual spell damage has been modified. 

Weapons and Armor Changes Include:  * Armor procs have been implemented. Please continue to test these!  * Special armor items which have a chance to cast a defensive spell when you take a melee strike. Spell damage will not trigger the effects.  * Rare and drop only items.  * Weapon procs have been reduced based on feedback. However they continue to run off your characters SDM.  * Require you to land the strike to trigger the effect.  * Rare and drop only items.

May 25, 2017 9:52PM Edit

On Friday, May 26th, 2017, at 11:00 PM EST, the server will be wiped and cleared of free pricing in shops (as well as the Super Vendor being removed). During the week that follows, a kind of "Level Race" will be taking place!

The first person to reach level 1000, or the highest level, by NEXT Friday (June 2nd) will win a Mistwalker's Baldric, to be granted at the time of Live Launch. If you have any questions about this event, please ask @Jace on Discord for more details!

May 24, 2017 10:04PM Edit

A couple general announcements  - The website has gone through a big redesign. Let us know what you think :)  - The lore for this server is now viewable under the Game Information tab on the website  - Channel 4 in game is being output to Discord under #game-chat now, go ahead and take a look! Sorry, it's read-only for now.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes as we move towards launch-ready code

May 20, 2017 12:54AM Edit

Today we release the first balance measures, again this is still going to be a long testing phase. Player spell damage has been globally reduced by 25%, and NPCs no longer get the level benefit that they did before. There are also some new weapons added to the "Super Shop" so pick them up and go out and give them a try. - RB

May 13, 2017 6:14PM Edit

Welcome to Mist Walkers. Please read our Code of Conduct on the website!

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