Familiar (Level One) Edit

Name Description Duration Mana
Hold Monster Hold Monster in place.
Cannot be used on players.
SDM Based
1-12 rounds
Fumble Enemy will drop weapon into bag until re-equipped.
Obtained only by Enemy Drop.
SDM Based
1 Round
Psychic Orb Deals Magic damage to single target.
50% more effective against Neutral targets.
Instant 1

Proficient (Level Two) Edit

Name Description Duration Mana
Confusion Causes the target to either 1) act normally, 2) stand still
3) go Berserk, or 4) wander randomly 1-3 squares.
SDM Based 5
Mind Shackle Reduces target's chance to flee SDM Based 3
Identify Reveals information about a targeted item. Instant 15

Expert (Level Three) Edit

Name Description Duration Mana
Berserk Target attacks a random target each round SDM Based 7
Stun Stuns a target.
Can be used on Players
SDM Based 7
Loyalty Shift Summoned Enemy Monster will
fight for caster instead.
Instant 7
Warp Mind Deals Magic Damage to a single target. Instant 5
Spell Blast Next spell cast by target is countered Instant 10
Etherealize Grants immunity to non-ethereal weapons.
Unimplemented. Drop Only.
SDM Based 5

Master (Level Four) Edit

Name Description Duration Mana
Mass Hold Attempts to cast hold monster on all opponents SDM Based
1-12 Turns
Mass Fumble Attempts to cast fumble on all opponents Instant 20
Fear Causes the target to either 1) run from caster
2) stand inanimate, or 3) flee from combat.
SDM Based 17
Iron Chains Reduces all grouped enemies chance to flee. SDM Based 7

Grandmaster (Level Five) Edit

Name Description Duration Mana
Mass Berserk Causes all enemies to attack random targets. SDM Based 30
Mass Stun Cuases all enemies to become stunned. SDM Based 30
Mass Loyalty Shift Causes all Summoned Enemies to fight for the caster. SDM Based 18
Forget Target temporarily loses access to one random spell.
Unimplimented. Drop only.
Instant 20
Illusionary Foe Duplicates a foe, health based off caster.
Drop only.
Instant 9
Anti-Magic-Aura Suppresses all magical spells while active.
Drop only.
SDM Based
+30% Failure/Turn
Mabon's Forced Flee All opponents are forced to flee combat.
Drop only.
Instant 10,000

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