Known Drops Edit

The Maze Edit

  • Harlequins - Mabon's Forced Flee(MFF), Tan Maze Master's Baldric(TMMB)

Barracks Edit

  • First Single Chest (See map) and Armory Chest - Sword of Tiwaz
  • All Mobs - Sword of Tiwaz (Needs Confirmation)

Tulors Caverns Edit

  • Tulor - Finvarra's Cowl, Executioner's Axe, Bracers of Defense, Light Yellow Dye, Duach's Iron Key
  • Chest - Finvarra's Cowl, Executioner's Axe, Light Yellow Dye
  • 5 Fury Fight - Executioner's Axe
  • All Mobs - Light Yellow Dye (Drop Only), Mundane helms

Thieves Hole Edit

  • BoC , MoM , Ember Knife , GBoNs , GBoTs
  • Most likely to drop on 5 Thief fight / Southern Chest / Sometimes eastern chest.

Fuloran's Abode (Fufu's) Edit

  • Fuloran - Fin Bracers, Wrath, Bottle of Turquoise Dye, White Baldric
  • Chest - Fin Bracers, Wrath, Turquoise Dye (Drop Only), Plate of Invulnerability (POI), The Stinger, Fangblade, Belt of Carry (BoC), White Baldric, Bracers of Defence, Helm of Nourishment, Duach's Iron Key
  • All Mobs - Fin Bracers, Vulcan edge, Defender, Life Leech

Festering Hate Pool (FHP) Edit

  • All Cyclops - Maul of the Mists
  • Lich Sarcophagus - Mabon's Force Flee (MFF), Anti-Magic Aura(AMA), Belt of Carrying(BoC)
  • Lich Fight - Nullsword, The Stinger
  • All Mobs - Prussian blue dye
  • 5 Thief Fight - Maul of the Mists (Maul)
  • 5 Fury Fight - Bracers of Defense, Belt of Strength, Boots of Nimbleness, Rings of Endurance, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, Amulets of Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Combat, Maul of the Mists
  • Large Screeching Horror Fight - PoI, Maul of the Mists
  • Ghost Bone Pile - Maul of the Mists, Mirage Claymore, Bottle of Prussian Blue Dye, Plate of Invulnerability (POI)
  • All Wraiths - Spellbook of Mass Fumble

Forgotten Dungeon Edit

  • All Mobs - Thunderjolt, Electric Greatsword, Density Armor, Dragonscale Plate, Plate of Insulation, Fangblade,
  • Gatherer - Seer's Saber
  • Dark Flesh Dye (drop only)
  • Saurilian Alpha - Prismatic Ward
  • Saurilian Arch Lich - Thunderjolt
  • Shaman - Durendal
  • Bonepile - Electric Greatsword, Life Leech, Dark Flesh Dye
  • The key to Minos is in the Bonepile through trap door C

Daemon Home (DH) Edit

  • Ezelberoth - Finvarra's Boots, Finvarra's Shoes, Uruz Dagger
  • Last Four Chests - Holy Symbol of Enid (Guaranteed), Finvarra's Boots, Finvarra's Shoes, Uruz Dagger
  • All Mobs - Sky Blue Dye

Greater Hive (GH) Edit

  • Queen - Finvarra's Belt
  • All Mobs - Finvarra's Backpack, Finvarra's Belt
  • Pale Green Dye (Drop Only) Center Chest

Naktos Morgue Edit

  • Naktos Reanimated - Pale Green Dye (Drop Only), Naktos's Baldric, Blood Sledge (Maul), Duach's Vengeance (DV), Dragonscale Breastplate, Fangblade, Stinger
  • Naktos - Pale Green Dye (Drop Only), Blood Sledge (Maul), Naktos's Baldric, Necromancer's Hood, Duach's Iron Key
  • Coereced Aegician - Spellbook of Duach's Vengeance
  • All Mobs - Pale Green Dye (Drop Only), Necromancer's Hood, Blood Sledge (Maul), Naktos's Baldric
  • Naktos Reanimated Bone Pile - Helm of Nourishment, Breastplate of Insulation, Magical Dagger, Vulcan Edge, Defender, Stinger, Density Armor

Undead Stronghold (USH) Edit

  • Chest - Thieve's Blade (TB), Duach's Vengeance (DV), Finvarra's Fist, Light Brown Dye
  • Sarcophagus - Thieve's Blade, Light Brown Dye
  • All Mobs - Duach's Vengence (DV)

Snake Pit (SP) Edit

  • Baby Dragon: Medium Brown Dye (Drop Only), Bonecrusher, HoD, HoP, Duach's Iron Key
  • Chest - Dragonscale Plate, Magic Shield, Defender, Density Armor, Plate of Invulnerability, Adamantium Weapons and armor, Night Soul

Imp Haven (IH) Edit

  • Chest - Mud Brown Dye (Drop Only), Executioner's Axe (EA), The Wrath, Bracer's of Defense (BoD), Plate of Invulnerability (PoI)
  • Bone Pile - Bauble of Experience
  • 4 Imp Fight - Spell Book of Enids Blessing, Spell Book of Greater Identification, Spell Book of Elphame's Justice, Spell Book of Earth Spike, Spell Book of Cloud of Fog, Helm of Nourishment
  • King Kilrog and Imp King - Wrath, Stinger
  • 2 Imp Guards (First Fight) - Spell Book of Greater Identify
  • Kilrog and King Kilrog - Density Armor, Wrath

Holy Caves (HC) Edit

  • Pelt Chest - Light Yellow Dye

Warrior's Abode Edit

  • Bonepile w/ Devils: Finvarra Sash
  • Reported to drop Spiked War Mace

The Foundry Edit

  • Middle Chest (with 2 bone piles and lever) - Elementalist's Gear, Nightmare Helm
  • North Wing Chest - Thaum Gear, Nightmare Helm
  • South Wing Chest - Necro Gear, Nightmare Helm
  • Last Chest (after Blacksmith) - Nightblade Gear, Brigandine Gear, Nightmare Helm
  • Harlequin Fight - Tan Maze Master's Baldric(TMMB), Yellow Maze Master's Baldric(YMMB)

Targoths Tomb Edit

  • Acid Edged Sword - Found in Bone Piles.

Enid's Safe Haven Edit

  • All Mobs - Spell Book of Enid's Blessing, many other drop-only spells, Molten Dart, Light Pink Dye
  • Chest - Enid's Blessing, Molten Dart, Light Pink Dye

Tor's Crypt Edit

  • Sarcophagus - Mageblade, Belt of Carry
  • Bone Piles - Belt of Carry

Lesser Hives Edit

  • GBoT, GBoN, Light Pink Dye

Rumored Drops Edit

Daemon King - Helm of the Predator (HoP), Helmet of Defense (HoD)

Baby Dragon - Helm of the Predator (HoP)

Thief - Maul of the Mists (Maul) (Not sure about over world, but in Thieves hole and FHP)

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