Skillbook Shops Edit

Warrior Skillbooks: Caer Fandry 2e, 1s, 1e

Wizard Skillbooks: Arim 1n

Thief Skillbooks: EL 3s

Thrower Skills / Thief Skills: Wen: 3n 4e

Basic Equipment Edit

TS/Myth Weapons/Armor: Usk 2n 1w or East Leinster 4s 1w

Leather/Steel: West Leinster 2n

Magic Shops with Spellbooks: Murias 1s or Drune 1n or East Leinster 2w

Dyes/Robes: Monmouth 1e or East Leinster 2s

Backpack and Crafting supplies: Asgard 1n

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