The gods in The Realm, and their temples, do not at present do anything (exception: Enid's Temple is part of the Enid's Perfect Rose quest). They merely provide a background story and color to the game. Going to a god's temple and using the /worship emote does nothing. You cannot invoke the gods. You cannot speak to them. To get any of the god items you must find them while hunting, either as treasure dropped by a defeated monster or in a chest, bonepile, or sarcophagus.

Enid Edit

Enid is the Goddess of Love. She is the Lady of Light, the embodiment of all that is good. It was through her blessings that sundered Leinster was healed and the flames of Duach replaced by gardens of unsurpassed beauty.

BishopEdward is the Prophet of Enid. His calm and peaceful nature are clear to all. A master of the art of Healing and Orator to many a wedding, the dear Bishop has grown to be loved by many.

Temple of Enid: Drune, 4s, 8w or Monmouth, 9n, 4w

Mabon Edit

Mabon is known as the God of Magic. While not much is known about this mysterious deity, the many spells known to the mortal races can directly be traced to him. His temple also serves as a place to study all sorts of magic and alchemical properties.

Mabon's Prophet is Rozaline. Being the prophet of Mabon, Rozaline is believed to be one of, if not the most skilled mages that roam the realm. She is naturally kind and inquisitive but it is best to stay on her good side, for she has a small spiteful side which can sometimes rear its ugly head.

Despothes Edit

Despothes is the King of the Gods. He is also known as the God of Balance and the Lord of the Scepter. He is the binding force that maintains the balance of good and evil, ensuring neither dominates the other and that the world remains neutral and free.

Despothes' Prophet is Herald. As the Prophet of Despothes, King of the Gods, Herald is perhaps the most informative of the three prophets. His manner is, at times, imperial and distant, but he has shown a kind heart and, on rare occasions, a whimsical sense of humor. Though he has also shown flashes of a white hot anger, he is tempered in Balance.

Temple of Despothes: West Leinster, 3e, 11s, 2w or Wen 3n, 14w

Finvarra Edit

Finvarra is the God of War. It is he and his Forge that have wrought the weapons and armor to be found through the Lands. His passion for crafting legendary weapons and armors is second only to his lust for battle.

The Prophet of Finvarra; Groktar is known for his ability to strategize and succeed on the battlefield which is only surpassed by Lord Finvarra himself. On top of his abilities on the battlefield he is also a master craftsman of armor and weaponry. As he should be for he is also the overseer of the forges of Finvarra. He is not one to be trifled with. He sees warfare as the answer to many of life's problems and may not hesitate to show you the true strength that the power of Finvarra can provide in battle.

Temple of Finvarra: Kurz, 5n, 1w

Duach Edit

Duach is the God of Darkness and Evil. He is a jealous God, quick to show his wrath, and vengeful beyond comprehension. Many times in the past has his anger boiled over, his dark fist sweeping across the land, despair and affliction washing over everything in its wake. Once, in a jealous rage, he even smote the Village of Leinster, burning the center of the most populace village to ashes and sundering the village in twain. It was only by the grace of Enid and intervention by Despothes that the fires were extinguished and the gardens now flourishing in the heart of Leinster began to grow.

Virulent, The Prophet of Duach, God of Darkness, has perhaps summed up who and what he is best when he said 'I am not your cuddly friend! I am the Eye of Evil, The Heart of Darkness, The anointed Voice of Duach.

Temple of Duach: Wen, 9s, 8w

Elphame Edit

Elphame is the Goddess of Death and Justice. It is she that weighs the value of a mortal life lived and decides the final fate of the departed. Impartial as a Judge, she has often been viewed as a cold and removed God yet that is far from the case.

The Goddess of Death has chosen Aboleth to be her Voice. Aboleth is often thought to be cold, distant, and calculating. This may be attributed to the fact that she has shown to be an impartial Judge of Death and Justice. Choosing the path of departed souls, she is not quick in her decisions but is steadfast in her resolution.

Temple of Elphame: Usk, 8s, 3w

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