Anvil: Arimathor, 4w, 25n

Barracks: Drune, 8n, 3e

Church of Damnation: Wen, 1e, 1e, 8s

Daemon Home: Drune, 4w, 6n

Dark Gauntlet: Wen, 10s, 9w

Enid Safe Haven (ESH): Silverbrook, 2n, 6w

Faery Caverns: West Leinster, 3e, 3s, 4e

Fenris Cave: Caer Fandry, 5s

Festering Hate Pool (FHP): Wen, 6n, 6e

Forgotten Dungeon: Kurz,  9e, 5s

Fulorans Adobe: Usk, 3e, 10s

Holy Caves: Drune, 11n, 9w

Imp City: Caer Fandry, 9n

Imp Haven: Asgard, 11e, 4n

Labyrinth: Drune, 2n, 16w or Kurz 8e, 1s

Lesser Hive: West Leinster, 1n, 4w, 3n

Naktos Morgue: West Leinster,  3e,4s, 2w

Greater Hive: Asgard, 3w, 12n

Orge Caverns: Kurz, 1n, 15w

Snake Pit: Drune, 14e, 2s

Targoth's Tomb: Kurz, 6w

Test of Souls: Monmouth, 4w,8n

The Foundry:Silverbrook, All East

The Maze: Drune, 6w, 13n

The Dark Gauntlet: Wen, 10s, 9w

Tor's Crypt: East Leinster, 1e, 7s, 3w

Troll Haven: West Leinster, 5n, 3e, 6n

Troll Hideway: Kruz, 1e,7s

Tulors Caverns: Drune, 4e, Tent, 1s, 5e

Theives Hole: Drune, 1s, 11w

Warriors Adobe: Drune, 6s

Undead Stronghold (USH): Wen, 4n, 7w

Zoo: East Leinster, 4e, 2n

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