Flame Daemon 100-150 Evil 40-200 +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 35% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro Asc, CoD, DGau, DH, ImpH, SPit, Tulor, USH, WanW, WildB, Zen 
Young Fenris 20-30 Neutral 3-12 none none DGau, FenC, ImpC, SHav
Daemon King 300-800 Evil 190-200 Bludgeon, +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 50% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro Bar, Brck, CoD, DGau, ImpH, Tulor 
Daemon Ratling 20-30 Evil 3-12 +Acid 25% Magic CoD, DGau, DH, Laby, SHav, Targ, USH
Blood Fenris 45-55 Neutral 7-20 none none DGau, EmF, FenC
Lich 50-70 Evil 50-80 Steal Life, Summon Undead, Death Wish, Death Touch, CombtTele -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst BW, DGau, DH, FHP, Forgtn, Ful, L-KRd, SPit, Targ, USH
Hell Hound 55-70 Neutral 50-65 Immo +Fire, 100% necro, 75% myst BW, Dev, DGau, EmF, FenC, FHP, Ful, THvn,
Undead Necromancer 6-12 Evil 10-20 +Life, Summon Undead -Electric, 100% necro, 100% myst DH, DGau, FHP, Forgtn, Laby, Nak, Targ, Tor, USH, WHav
Howling Terror 50-60 Evil 45-55 +Poison +Death Wish, 50% necro, 50% myst BW, DGau, Dev, FenC, Ful, THvn

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