Introduction Edit

I, Orwain of Glynhollow, shall now recount the history of the Realm. The history of our land is a rich tapestry, one that you shall know better after this telling. I have included only the events I consider to be the most critical to understanding our land and its current situation. I would like to thank the Council of Governors for commissioning this history, and for selecting me to write it down.

As those in the Realm are fully aware, recent events have been disturbing indeed. The Mists, once a source of reassurance that we were beloved by the Gods, have now become a malevolent force. Villages and towns have been swallowed by the Mists, forever lost. As a result, the Realm has shrunk to a tiny place of land in the middle of the Mists. Residents are noticeably worried with the strange emergence of Knights and Mages from beyond the Mists, coupled with the sudden appearance of Minotaurs east of Monmouth. The Council feels that an orderly examination of these historical events may assist our residents in determining how best to reverse the Mists, in order to restore the Realm to its former glory.

Let us pray to the Gods that we prevail!

The Dreamtime Edit

In the beginning, known as the Dreamtime, the Realm was a prosperous place filled with a vast variety of life. All creatures lived side by side in harmony. The Mother, Gaia, walked amongst her children freely, only occasionally leaving the Realm through the Mists to return to Avalon. Peace was known throughout the land. Nowhere was there hunger or sickness. The soil was fertile and the rivers and lakes pristine. There were no deserts as there are today, and barrenness was an unknown thing.

For many generations this was truth. But as all things do, tranquility ended. Several events occurred late in the Dreamtime which would change the nature of the Realm forever.

The Time of Change Edit

One of the first events to lead to change was the arrival of humans to the Realm. From the north, across the vast ocean, came the Uplanders. The Uplanders were a race of fair skinned, tall, and resilient people. They had left their cold and dying land in search of a more hospitable home. It was a journey borne of desperation, as they were on the edge of extinction. Upon arriving on the shores of the Realm, they were amazed at the lush forests and lively surroundings in front of them. Never had they seen such a paradise.

In the land whence they came, the Uplanders worshipped multiple Gods: Enid, the Goddess of love and all things good; Duach, the God of darkness and all things evil; Finvarra, the God of war and smithing; Elphame, the Goddess of justice and judgement; Mabon, the God of magic and all things mystical; and Despothes, the King of their Gods and Goddesses.

When they arrived to the Realm, Gaia welcomed them and their Gods and Goddesses with open arms. To the Mother, all were to be appreciated and cherished. Gaia made only one rule. The Uplanders were forbidden to cross the Mists into Avalon. So it was, humans and their deities first arrived in the Realm.

The Time of Change was also one of unease. The newly arrived Uplanders had to adjust to their new climate, new flora and fauna, and the realization that their deities were not the only ones in the world. It was also a time of adjustment for the citizens of the Realm. This strange new race with odd customs, beliefs, and Gods, had been suddenly thrust upon them and readily accepted by the Mother. Not all were ready to accept these newcomers and their deities as Gaia had.

As a result of this change, the races of the Realm were divided. Some elves stayed in the Realm’s forests, and some passed through the Mists into Avalon. The dwarves stayed, but kept their distance in the mountains. Giants remained, as they feared nothing. The creatures of the Fae did as they wished, travelling back and forth at will from Avalon to the Realm. And so the Realm was changing. Still, not many knew that the fracture of everything was to come. In the years that followed the Time of Change, the Realm would face its greatest danger yet and would be forever transformed.

The Mage War Edit

As the generations passed in the Realm, an uneasy peace had been established. For the most part, The Uplanders were now considered equals amongst the original citizens of the Realm. In fact, they were no longer referred to, or even referenced themselves, as Uplanders. Their Gods and Goddesses had become accepted by the citizens, while the Mother reigned supreme over Avalon and the Realm. However, this uneasy peace was about to be shattered.

Another human tribe from across the seas had made the long journey to the Realm. Hailing from the continent of Saurilius, this human tribe came from a land ruled by a dark and hungry God. They were a strong and warlike people. They only wished to bring the Realm to its knees so they could conquer the land for themselves. The Saurilian priests that came boasted of how their God would devour the Gods of the Realm, and eventually Avalon as well. While the citizens of the Realm valiantly fought off these invaders, they continued to lose ground. The dark Saurilian God, whose name shall never be spoken, gathered his minions, ready to strike the final blow against the Realm. When all seemed lost, the Mother and all the Realm Gods gathered atop the Dolus Mountains and assaulted the Saurilian forces. The Realm Gods banded together, dispatching the Saurilian forces in quick order.

The dust settled and the Realm Gods, though alive, were badly injured. Retreating from battle, they saw two lone figures standing atop the mountain. It was the Mother and the dark Saurilian God, magic flaring between them, neither giving an inch. The battle raged on for days, the sky darkening from the swirling magic overhead. Eventually, in a move of desperation, the Mother managed to smite the dark God, causing him to fall to his knees. Gaia held out both her hands and cast over him a spell of a deep trance. His body fell lifeless to the ground. The ground underneath his evil essence died instantly, becoming a vast desert.

Gaia turned to her two favored giants, Rexus and Tia, and asked them to carry the dark God's lifeless body to Avalon so she could seal him away. Together the three crossed the Mists into Avalon, never to be seen again. The land protested Gaia's loss by withering away.

Current Day Edit

Many ages passed since that fateful war. Today, the Realm Gods are still present, but the Mother has not been seen since. The Mists have begun swallowing towns and are no longer the symbol of the Mother’s love as they once were. What will become of our Realm? Will the people of the Realm be able to reverse whatever is causing the Mists to become malevolent? Only time shall tell...

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