Clothes are a simple extra layer of covering that a player may wear; males may wear robes, and females may wear skirts. Besides being a fashion statement, clothes offer another piece of gear that may be enchanted for beneficial purposes, and some clothes have inherent magical properties, as well.


Baldrics Edit

Character Level Baldrics Edit

Color Level Title
Blue 3 Neophyte
Red 7 Familiar
Brown 15 Skilled
Silver 25 Advanced
Gold 50 Seasoned
Magenta 100 Expert
Yellow 150 Veteran
Green 200 Master
Amber 300 Grandmaster
Royal 500 Legend
Maroon Glow 750 Seer's
Hunter Green 1000 Baldric of Satori

Staff Baldrics Edit

Color Title
Azure Sentinel
Lime Mentor
Orange Event Host
Aqua Blue Community
Black Implementor

Other Baldrics Edit

Color Title Image
Cornsilk Maze Master (version 01)

Str +1

Tan Maze Master (version 02)

Str +1

Black Silk Finvarra's Sash

Str +1

Grey Silk Naktos' Baldric (light fin)

Str +1

Color? Mage's Sash

+1 Int

White Knight of Enid
KoE Baldy
Celadon Knight of the Scepter (Despothes)
KoS Baldy
Black Dark Knight (Duach)
DK Baldy
Mistwalker's Baldric

Robes Edit

Short Skirts Edit

Long Skirts Edit

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