ame Level Align Dam Traits Resist
Ancient One 1400-1800 Good   
Berserker 400-1400       Very high dex, moves across screen, gains 3 attacks
Champion 1100-1500 Good      
Daemon King 300-800 Evil 190-200 Bludgeon, +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 50% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro
Evil Minion 1100-1500 Evil 500-1500 steals life, health 10,000   
Flame Daemon 100-150 Evil 40-200 +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 35% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro
Fire Wasp 600-1000 Neutral         
Hell Snake 300-600 Evil 110-200 Fire, +Poison, Immo, See Invis +Fire, +Poison, -Cold, 33% myst
Hornet    Neutral         
Kilrog 200-400 Evil 100-300 Bludgeon +Death Wish, 25% elem, 25% myst, 100% necro
King Cobra 200-400 Neutral 90-180 +Poison +Poison, 66% myst
King Kilrog 300-900 Evil 240-400 Bludgeon, CrushBoulder, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, 35% elem, 75% myst, 100% necro
Mist Mage 1400-1800 Neutral         
Protector 1100-1500 Neutral 500-1500      
Servant of the Mist 800-1000 Evil 800-5000 steals experience, 70% magic resist   
Warlock 1400-1800 Evil         
Wasp Healer    Neutral         
Wyrm 500-1000 Evil 110-200 +Fire, +Poison, Immo, See Invis +Fire, +Poison, +Cold, 33% myst

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